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    10 Seo Tips For Content Optimization You Should Definitely Try


    Do you ever open the second search page of google to find your desired content? Honestly, no one opens the second page because everything they want is available on the first page. Don’t you want your website to be available in the top 3 searches? Well, it can be possible by following a few tips. In this article, we will discuss what SEO is and the tips you need to follow for content optimization.

    The process of optimizing your brand’s website to get organic traffic from the search engine result page SERP is called SEO.

    SEO means making some changes to the content and design of your website that makes it more appealing to a search engine. SEO is mainly done to persuade search engines to display your website in the top results on the search engine result page.

    Search Engine Optimization – SEO is divided into three parts:

    1. Quality of Traffic
    2. Quantity of Traffic
    3. Organic Results

    SEO Best Practice -10 Tips for Content Optimization

    Hopefully, till now you must have got a better understanding of what SEO is. Incorporating SEO will improve the visibility and authenticity of your website. Now, let’s discuss the tips you need to follow for content optimization.

    1. Improve your page speed

    For Google, the most important user experience metrics is the loading speed of your website. It is necessary for your website to load within a second. According to a research conducted by essay writing service UK, 40 percent of the user leaves a website if it does not load within 3 seconds, and around 80 percent of these users will never open that site again.

    Your website speed plays an important role in your ranking. A slow website can have a negative impact on your website’s ranking because google knows slow websites are not liked by the audience. Google never sent users to those sites that take time to load.

    1. Video Marketing an Important SEO Tool

    A lot of individuals and businesses ignore video marketing as an important SEO tool. You can keyword rank a video quicker than a blog post or an article.

    9 out of 10 people prefer to view a video rather than clicking on a text result, and YouTube is considered as one of the most rapidly growing search engines.

    1. Leverage Keyword Tools

    Choosing the right keywords is necessary for everything you produce because through keywords your user will be able to find you. Wondering how to select the appropriate keywords for your website? Well, Google keyword planner (AdWords) is there to help you in finding the right keyword for your website or blog. Choose a few keywords with an average monthly search volume and type them in Google. Look at the results of the first page, as that’s what you are aiming for, and see whether you can compete. Remember to use third-party tools like Ahrefs, Moz, and Majestic, to decide how optimized the blog is for that specific keyword.

    1. Quality Content Is Key

    Content quality plays an important part in your website’s ranking. Make sure the content displayed on your website is related to the services or the products your brand offers. If the user did not find the content relevant, then chances are they will never visit your website again.

    Refrain from using duplicate content as this can have a negative impact on your website’s ranking. Make sure the content you want to upload is not available on any other site.

    1. Make your website a Multimedia experience

    Can you imagine what a website will look like if it only has texts on it? How boring that would be. Well, to make your website look interesting you should add photos, videos, slideshows, and audios on it. Users do not prefer a website that contains only text, they like to see other elements as well.

    By adding multimedia elements to your website you can increase the amount of time a user spends on your website, and this also has a positive impact on your website’s ranking. According to research, 68 percent of people, instead of reading a description, prefer to watch an explanatory video.

    1. Write to the right people with targeted keywords

    Keep your audience in mind when you are writing the content for your website or blog. Using keywords is obvious but, remember that keywords play an important part in your website’s ranking. Research properly before using any keyword, and only use those keywords that are related to your website.

    Do not use excessive keywords as it has a negative impact on your site’s ranking. Google does not prefer keyword stuffing. Use keywords in a way that they look like a part of your content, says British essay writers.

    1. Optimize Your Images

    As discussed earlier the most important content optimization strategy is to increase website loading speed. For this, you need to optimize the images on the website so they can retain the quality but load within a second. If a user has to wait more than 3 seconds for content to load, they will revert back to the Google SERPs.

    Always use descriptive keywords in image titles. This will improve the content’s relevance and might show your image in the google image searches. Image Alt tags are also very important since they assist search engines in understanding the context of the image.

    1. Create a Compelling Meta Title and Descriptions

    Your title and Meta-description is the first thing a user notices, so make it click-worthy. Google allows only 65-character to write the page title. When writing your page title follow these tips:

    1. Use concise and simple language so that users can easily know what your website is all about
    2. Always use keywords in the start

    The next important thing to focus on is Meta-description. The 2-3 line paragraph under the title is known as Meta-description. Remember, Google allows only 160 characters or fewer to write meta-descriptions. To write a good meta-description you need to follow these tips:

    1. Keep it short and to the point
    2. Your meta-description should be unique
    1. Optimize existing content

    If you have not done content optimization in the past, you can still do that. Search for sites that have a huge number of views but just a few clicks in the Google search console. Recognize the most appropriate keyword and add those keywords to the headings and Meta tags. Now, for some added SEO advantages use some long-tail keywords.

    This is obviously not a detailed content optimization list, but it will surely give your website an easy win.

    1. Generate content ideas through the autofill

    You need great content ideas if you want your website to rank well. A bookmark worthy blog or website can expect a better google ranking. Coming up with new and great ideas to increase your website ranking is not an easy task. Google’s autofill feature is a way to come up with new ideas for web content. The list of search queries google shows when you type a word is known as Auto fills. This feature saves time and is useful for marketers who are in search of content ideas.

    To get great content ideas you need to follow the steps mentioned below:

    1. Know the list of keywords you want to rank for
    2. Enter those keywords in the google search bar
    3. After writing a keyword add any alphabet, for instance, if you type “essay help UK and a”. By typing this, google will show you the list of search queries
    4. Jot down these suggested search queries, these keywords will help you in creating content when you run out of ideas
    5. Repeat this for every alphabet

    Wrapping It Up

    Every business wants their website to be displayed in the top 3 searches but, only a few of them know the tips to do so. SEO practices improve the ranking of your website which also helps in your business growth. The tips that are mentioned in this article should also be a part of your entire marketing plan. By following the tips that are outlined above, you will be able to provide a better experience to the users and enhance your website’s ranking.

    Check out Professional essay help for more content optimization tips.

    BY MANTAHA QURESHI | January 22, 2021

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