Top Ten Hollywood Celebrities Who Went To Harvard

Be it Kim Kardashian obsessing over Bridgerton, or Jennifer Lopez patching up with Ben Affleck, the public is aware of it all. It is an undeniable fact that people are religiously invested in the lives of Hollywood celebrities and honestly, why won’t they be? I mean no one would want to miss out on all the spicy gossips that come around!

Before stepping into the world of glamour, many celebrities went to universities (putting the general stereotype that all celebrities are college drop-outs into shambles). Many popular celebrities even attended ivy-league schools like Harvard. YES! You heard it right! Most of those celebrities who went to Harvard University are non-other than the ones we all follow on Instagram and Facebook!

If you are curious about all the famous people who went to Harvard, you have landed at the right place.

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“The Comedy King” Conan O’ Brian:

Class year: 1985

Our very own favorite comedian Mr. Conan O, Brian is one of the celebrities who went to Harvard and graduated with a degree in American history with the great honor “magna cum laude” which represents the academic help level of achievement.

He spent most of his academic life writing a unique thesis on the topic of literary progeria. He worked as the president of the Harvard Lampoon, a humor magazine.

To nobody’s surprise, Conan used to be the life of a party even back then. Not just that, he even went on to perform in a band named Bad Clams and also developed a video game called “One on One”. Talk about being an overachiever, Conan!

Our Very Own “Black Swan” Natalie Portman:

Class: 2003

When beauty meets intelligence it’s a fatal combination and Natalie Portman is the perfect example for it. Starring in one of the most famous movies Black Swan, Portman took a break from her acting career to earn a degree in psychology from Harvard. She also faced severe criticism for her choice but the girl didn’t let anyone come in her way and that is how she became one of the famous people who went to Harvard.

“The Office” Girl, Rashida Jones:

Class: 1994

Jones is also among the famous people who went to Harvard University. Graduated with a degree in religion and philosophy. Rashida Jones is the woke queen she is, was also a member of the Black Students Federation. She had a thing for acting even back in uni as she kept participating in dramas and theatre.
She went through countless auditions but success never touched her doorstep until one day when she had returned to her university, she got offered a role in the greatest SITCOM of all time; The Office. Hah! Destiny has its ways.

Agent K, Tommy Lee Jones:

Class: 1969

YES! Agent K is one of the oldest celebrities who went to Harvard and did his bachelor’s in Arts and English. Back in those days, he had a keen interest in sports and he also played in Football matches before graduating from university.
And no no he wasn’t one of the rich kids who got in because of his parent’s money he got admitted through a need-based scholarship. Agent K did not just prove himself as a great actor, but also a great student as he graduated with the great honor “cum laude”.

America’s Top Supermodel, Tyra Banks:


She isn’t just a supermodel and queen of the fashion industry but also makes it to the list of celebrities that went to Harvard University although it’s a diploma course. Banks invested her time to get a formal education in the field of business from Harvard Business School which helped her to take her business to the next level.
She enrolled herself in an Owner/President Management Program (OPM) which is a 9-week certificate course.

Ocean’s Thirteen’s Linus, Matt Damon:


You all may be aware of Damon and Ben Affleck being the best buddies but you might not know that Damon was also part of Harvard University pursuing his degree in English and Theater from 1988 to 1992 but ended up a dropped out due to getting the role in the movie Geronimo: An American Legend.

He wrote the script of the movie “Goodwill Hunting” as a part of his English class project. He was given the 2013 Harvard Arts Medal for his contributions to the media industry.

The Oscar Nominated Director, Darren Aronofsky

Class: 1991

The director who gave us absolute gems like Jackie, Black Swan, The Fighter, etc, also graduated from Harvard with a degree in social anthropology.
He decided to pursue his career in film direction during his time at Harvard and he also developed a film for his final year project named “Supermarket Sweep”.

Breaking Bad’s, Dean Norris:

Class: 1985

Known for his character as Hank in Breaking bad. Norris graduated from Harvard University with a degree in social studies.

He is the only lucky person in his family who is ever been into college not just a college but ivy league college. Later he decided to continue his career as an actor.

The Grease Actress, Stockard Channing:

Class: 1965

Betty from Grease is a Harvard alumnus, yeah, digest that! And not just that, she was the only female at the Radcliffe College which was all-male then. She discovered her passion for acting which pursuing her studies.

“Detective Janice”, Amy Brenneman:

Class: 1987

Known for her role in the tv drama series NYPD Blue followed her mother’s footsteps and landed at Harvard, graduated with a degree in comparative religion. She also started a company named Cornerstone Theatre Company at Harvard University. She worked as a writer, actor, and producer.

A Friendly Suggestion:

So, the next time you assume that a celebrity must not have completed their studies because they are in the industry, you might as well do a little research. Who knows they may be a Harvard graduate?

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