Four Common Types of Essay and Their Examples

Essays are a more formalized kind of story writing. Essays could be written at any point in a student’s life and can help them develop their writing abilities and communication approaches. It also assists students to organize their data and arguments before presenting them to their teacher or instructor (USEW,2021).

An essay is a short piece of writing that is intended to inform or persuade the reader. Even though essays come in a variety of shapes and sizes, they are normally categorized into four categories: argumentative, expository, narrative, and descriptive essays. We will discuss these 4 types of essay with examples today.

Expository and argumentative essays are focused on presenting information and making clear points, but narrative and descriptive essays are concerned with expressing oneself creatively and writing in an engaging manner. Argumentative essays seem to be the most prevalent sort of essay at the university level. 

Each one has a distinct role. Some tell a tale, while others describe something, while still others try to convince people to change their minds. Reviewing a bundle of examples of essay is one of the greatest ways to comprehend each genre.

So, what are the 4 types of essay writing? Let’s begin!

1. What is Narrative Essay?

These types of essay tell a tale from a specific point of view, and there is typically a reason behind it. Characters, place, climax, and, most crucially, storyline are all present in narrative essays.

The storyline is the main emphasis of the story and is normally delivered in chronological order, however, flash-forwards and flashbacks are occasionally used. Here are some pointers to help you get started writing a personal narrative essay.

While writing a narrative essay, keep the following in mind:

  • Include associated emotional aspects so that the reader can feel the tale rather than just read about that now.
  • Allow the anecdote to support your argument, and make a reference to it in the first sentence.
  • Write in the first-person or third-person perspective.

Narrative Essay Examples

Are you up for a little tale-telling? Here are four passages to help you get your creative juices flowing.

“Having looked at a childhood full of events and experiences, picking one that gives me the mythical “warm and fuzzy emotions” is proving challenging. I had the privilege of traveling throughout America on several moving journeys as the daughter of an Air Force major. I’ve seen the Sequoia National Forest’s gigantic trees, stood on the brink of the Grand Canyon, and bounced on the mattresses at Caesar’s Palace in Lake Tahoe.”

“One of the best days of either of our life was the day I managed to pick up my puppy from the pound. I had gone to the pound a week before with the intention of simply “looking” at a puppy. Of course, you can’t stop the sunlight from sinking in the evening by merely looking at those swooshing little faces full of hope and excitement. I knew I’d have a puppy as soon as I walked in the door… and it wasn’t until I met him that I knew I’d found him.”

“House searching was supposed to be a fun and exciting adventure. Regrettably, neither of the ones we viewed seemed to fulfill the requirements we had set forth. They were just too small, impersonal, and too near to the neighbors to be comfortable. We began to wonder if there was a dream home out there for us after days of seeing nothing even close.”

Hub Fans Bid Kid Adieu is an instance of a famous story written by John Updike.

“The afternoon had become so gloomy that the arc lamps were switched on in the sixth inning—always a sad sight in the daylight, like the flaming headlights of a burial ceremony. Fisher began slicing thru the Sox freshmen, aided by the gloom, and Williams certainly didn’t come to bat in the seventh. In the eighth inning, he was second on the mound. This was almost definitely his final plate appearance in Fenway Park, and rather than cheering as we had done the previous three times, we all stood and applauded.”

2. Descriptive Essay

These types of essay are all about language – adjectives, similes, and metaphors, as the title suggests. These essays require you to describe anything you are required to write about as vividly as possible. Writing an essay on your most recent vacation experience is an example of a task. This is an excellent opportunity to employ a descriptive essay.

However, the organization is just as vital in this essay as it is in any other since you must bring the readers into, though, and out of your realm of description sans waffling too much. You’ll need an intro, body, and conclusion, just like an expository essay.

But what distinguishes it? A descriptive essay is similar to a creative writing assignment in that it requires you to explain something in great detail. Other types of essays may include descriptions, but they usually require a little more – an argument – whereas a descriptive essay just explains something like that in detail and the object being described is the key emphasis, instead of an argument over something.

Descriptive Essay Examples

Are you ready to get into the specifics? Here are three snippets containing a lot of information by British essay writers.

“The gnarled, weather-beaten, but robust branch was a friend to the wise alone by the night and the last limb to creak in the heaviest wind for the dependable old owl, with his twisted feathers, his numerous scars. Before his hunt, he would come to examine the plains and the clouds, listening to the steady sounds of the stream flowing through the reeds beneath the bridge and combing his plumage for unwanted – which they may be.”

“When you come inside Lou’s, you immediately notice two things: the place is rarely empty, and it seems to be a labyrinth of chambers. The major part of the cafe is found through the entrance in the first room. Off to the right is another dining room that is rarely utilized. During the oil well boom of the 1970s, it was added. Another room can be found in the main dining room; it guards the kitchen door. This room has the most sought table in the entire establishment. The finest compliment Lou can pay to anyone is to give them a seat at this table. This is the family table, and it is just for Lou and her daughter Karen’s relatives and close friends.”

3. Exploratory Essay

Among all 4 types of essay writing, these are the most typical types of essays you’ll encounter, and they’re also the most prevalent format of essays needed in tests. You’ll be looking into a theme or issue and then coming up with a concept, as well as analyzing evidence and building an “exposition” (thus the name) about the idea if you’re writing an expository essay.

When composing an expository essay, the content must include the following elements:

  • Be succinct and easy to comprehend
  • Convey a diversity of perspectives on a subject
  • Give an account of a circumstance or event
  • Explain a concept that may be hard to understand

However, you do not have to worry about these instructions if you are taking cheap essay help uk.

Example of Exploratory Essay

Are you ready to delve into a specific topic of exploratory examples of essay? Here are three examples to demonstrate how it’s done.

“This community was a target of an issue they could have avoided,” as per Florida park rangers. “Several times per month,” O’Leno State Park Ranger Rod Torres said, “people are scared and leave the property in the dead of the night.” Some of these people chose the wrong kind of campground to visit. Not there was anything mistaken with the park: the trekkers set up camp next to them adored the wild loneliness of it.

To convey the critical subject of cheating, this example expository essay from Mindful Education relies extensively on facts and figures.

“Did you know that seven out of ten students plagiarized at least a few times a year? Did you realize that half of those pupils had cheated twice or more? These startling figures come from a poll of 9,000 high school students in the United States. It’s even possible that teachers are urging their pupils to cheat! Teachers at a Detroit school allegedly gave their children responses to statewide standardized examinations last year.”

4. The Argumentative Essay

These essays are comparable to expository essays, but they are usually far more detailed, using well-researched primary and secondary data (acquired from internal or external sources) to support the points you wish to make. In most circumstances, an essay such as this will also need you to address key arguments that may contradict your point of view on a certain issue or topic.

While discussing types of essay with examples, you must know that these are by far among the most popular essays you’ll be assigned is this one. They might belong or be brief, but they always trying to sway the reader of the validity of your argument on a specific topic.

An argumentative essay is usually written for a higher education level, such as high school or college (Tamanna Patel). This means you’ll have to perform some research before taking notes, and you’ll almost certainly need to refer to your lecture notes. As a result, make sure you’ve got excellent notes! Also, students can consider cheap essay writing service for the best argumentative essays,

Argumentative Essay Examples

Allow these extracts to help you get started when it’s time to stake your position and make a compelling case. 

“For years, gun regulation has been a contentious issue. The vast majority of Americans believe that strong gun restrictions would drastically lessen the risk of crime. Many innocent people believe they get the right to own guns for self-defense or even for hunting pleasure. These individuals are penalized for defending their lives or even for taking part in routine activities, and harmless sports. To impose gun control across the country would be a violation of a person’s constitutional rights. Although some believe that gun control will reduce crime, the issue must not exist because weapons are vital for self-defense against crime, and implementing gun control violates a citizen’s The freedom to keep and bear arms is guaranteed by the second amendment.”

Bogazici University’s argumentative essay has a dramatic flair to it, which is vital when establishing a compelling point.

“All medicine bottles and packaging should be removed from your home. According to a new notion, the medicine may be harmful to your health, which is good news for people who can’t afford to purchase overpriced treatment. Nevertheless, it is a setback for the medical business, but an even bigger setback for our faith in scientific advancement. According to this new philosophy, recovery is at our fingers: we can stay healthy by practicing Reiki daily.”

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