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    30 Free Law Dissertation Topics To Choose From


    So, it’s finally that time of year. Choosing a law dissertation topic is similar to choosing a dissertation writing services – while they are definitely NOT the same thing, they certainly are very alike. Explore a few topics beforehand to understand what you would most love to do, because this isn’t just another class assignment that you can get over with quickly to get a sub-par grade. The idea of a dissertation is something that pretty much haunt students since the day they begin their degree.

    Here are 30 law dissertation topics that might help you decide what you want to write about.

    1. Analyze critically the decision of the UK Government to allow same-sex couples to have the same privileges and responsibilities of a married couple.

    Do not rush into it.

    1. Do a critical evaluation of the racial discrimination laws in first-world countries.

    This is one topic that you can write a good, strong thesis on.

    1. Do a critical examination of the need for changing the laws having to do with essay writing service UK in England and Wales, in the light of recommendations proposed by the Law Commission.

    Try to make it something you wish to pursue in the future.

    1. Critically examine the rights of married women over the property.

    A topic that truly deserves more attention than it gets.

    1. Shed light on how the European law has affected rights related to personal property

    An important matter indeed, a great way to talk about current events.

    1. Discuss the importance and the place of the European Union Sale of Goods legislation within the UK.

    this can easily be considered a social issue which makes it a great choice.

    1. Discuss the pros and cons and how they led to the success or failure of the anti-corruption legislation in the UK.

    This could help understand this situation much better and narrow it down.

    1. Debate how media misuses freedom of speech and expression to interfere with people’s arguments.

    A much-debated topic, which makes it a great pick for a thesis.

    1. Does the supremacy of the European Union (EU) over the sovereignty of Member states need to be reconsidered?

    Something you could potentially give your opinion on, a great topic indeed.

    1. Should the specific “building block” model of EU competition law be replaced by the ‘rule of reason’ model of the US law?

    Another topic you’ll need to do a lot of research on if you don’t know the gist already.

    1. Analyze the human rights aspect of holding a mentally ill person in detention against their will.

    This is something that isn’t very talked about even though it should be.

    1. How can we change out laws to legally help the male victims of domestic violence?

    Something that always creates buzz on the internet, so easier research opportunities.

    1. Should the UN have anything to do with oppressive regimes on humanitarian grounds?

    a potentially controversial topic, but interesting nevertheless.

    1. Should we ratify the CISG (Vienna Convention on the Internet Sale of Goods 1980)?

    You might want to get a head start on this one.

    1. How significant is the copyright law in companies and why?

    protecting people’s rights is nothing to be taken lightly.

    1. What is the impact of a strong and weak point of view on a judicial review?

    You better get out your books for this one. A good topic for any law thesis.

    1. The role of discrimination policies in various legal firms

    Discrimination is the most common offense. Tackle it through this topic.

    1. A critical criminal law study on the impact of global war on terrorism.

    Fighting crime through baby steps. Don’t pass it up.

    1. How does the criminal judiciary system help rape prevention and penalizing the accused?

    Rape is an important social issue and this will bring more attention to it.

    1. What are the basics of intellectual property law and how does it impact the performance of an organization?

    Owning what you own can be a problem sometimes. Discuss.

    1. How does cyber law impact the maintenance and upholding of net-neutrality?

    Even though people don’t always follow them, the internet has rules too.

    1. Freedom of speech: its importance and its impact on us currently.

    Don’t mistake this for a pass to be as obnoxious as you want.

    1. A critical study of the difference between national and international law.

    This could be an amazing learning experience for sure.

    1. The difference between copyright laws in the US and the UK and how they impact people.

    Copyrights are important and surely need to be talked about more.

    1. The Zimbabwean Law of Trusts and the approval of trustees.

    Learn about other countries and their laws. It could help with your future career!

    1. How do local government bodies help in guarding children welfare?

    Doing research on this topic could be really easy.

    1. Do a critical analysis on how UK employment law is affected by trade unions?

    You may conduct helpful surveys on this.

    1. What role does the legal system have in inequality of any kind in workplaces

    Inequality is an important social issue that needs to be tackled. This will help shed light on it.

    1. Role of judiciary system in the fair labor practice in the UK

    Writing about the judiciary system will surely never fail you. Give it a shot!

    1. How does the judiciary system impact anything in relation with corporate manslaughter?

    Aa lot of work has not been done on this topic in the past.


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    He could not pursue his dream career but excels in what he does now. He also runs a professional essay service to help students who need guidance.

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