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An essay is a small piece of writing, written on a certain topic that gives the reader the view point of the writer. There are many different types of essays that fulfil many different purposes according to the requirement of the writers towards its target audience. They may be a tedious task for most students cause them to wonder “If only I had some professional who could write my essay online”. Our writers, at Professional essay service do just that and render you free of stress!

“What Are the Types of Essays I Should Know of to Do My Essay UK Based?”

The five major types of essay that you might encounter and will be asked to write by your course instructors are:

  • Argumentative Essay: it is a type of essay which provides both sides of the arguments and then draws a decision whether to either support or go against the topic in its concluding paragraphs. This kind of essay is also popular in our Nursing essay writing service UK based.
  • Narrative Essay: every heard of a story about any anecdote from someone who is close to you about any interesting experience that they had in the past? Now imagine reading this on a piece of paper which then becomes a narrative essay; which basically is a story telling essay
  • Descriptive Essay: similar to the narrative essay, a descriptive essay describes a memory, place, a thing, person of high significance. The aspect that makes it different from a narrative essay is the fact that in it the writer describes and does not tells a story about a scenario which might not only be related to one person (the teller) but to a situation or a condition. For instance, Private Ryan if tells his account of the battle he fought during world war 2, will be a narrative essay; whereas, if some else writes an essay of the entire world war two scenario and includes private Ryan in it, then it simply becomes a descriptive essay.
  • Expository Essay: is an essay which is purely based upon facts. It is a balanced approach that uses statistics, figures and facts to talk about a certain topic and is usually an informative piece of writing for the reader. For example, an essay written on the Watergate Scandal during the presidency of U.S. president Nixon and how he was forced to step down.
  • Persuasive Essay: When trying to win the reader over, the writer goes with a persuasive essay. In it the writer tries to portray his point of view as the relevant one and present facts that favour his point of view. These kinds of essay are similar to expository essay and may have an argument in it as well; but the writer has to, at the end, advocate a certain view point.

An essay comprises of three main parts: the introduction, the main body and the conclusion.The introduction part covers the background of the topic, which at times could be a historic and written down in chronological order. Providing relevant information and facts about the topic and giving the reader a clear over view of what the essay will be talking about as the reader walks through it.

The main body of the essay is where you discuss and argue upon the pros and cons of the topic. It covers all the arguments that are in favour or against the topic if it is an argumentative essay; persuades the reader towards doing something if it is a persuasive essay or depict a certain scenario if it is descriptive essay. The main body is the main crux of the essay and if the writer managed to compose an outstanding main paragraph, there is little chance that the reader lose might lose their interest.

The final conclusion, gives the reader an overview of the entire essay again, gets the main idea from the introductory and main paragraphs and then finally draw a conclusion upon it. Important to note here is the fact that that different types of essay, will have different types of concluding paragraphs. For instance, a persuasive essay might have a take away message for the readers and prompts them to act, may be, for the better meant of the society. Whereas, a descriptive essay might depict the emotions of the situation at the end of it and let the reader indulge into the scenario which the people, at the described time, might have faced.

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“Can You Do My Essay For Me?”

When students are assigned to write an essay on a certain topic, they might fail to understand the complexities that are associated with it. As the students of UK find themselves to be fluent in speaking English, they at times fall victim to the superiority complex that they know the language best and do not bother to consider that what they are writing could be wrong.

Another problem that students might face while they are tasked to write an essay is that the topic that they had been assigned to write on might be too technical from them. For instance, if you are a business student and have a keen interest in marketing but despise any topic related to finance; as they are too complicated. You might not be able to compose a good essay as you will lack the basic know-how about the concepts of accounting and finance.

It is due to these troubling times that you might be in dire need of help and decide to contact an online essay writer and ask him to “do my essay for me.” This is a common scenario face by many students and at times many of them fall victim to such difficulties as they try to go ahead and write the essay on their own, without getting some help or doing some prior research on the topic.

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“Who Should I Go To Do My Essay For Me UK based?”

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