5 Problems Students Face While Writing An Essay

The Ultimate Solution

Writing an essay! The scariest story of my life! You must be wondering how essay writing can be the scary thing for a person. But it is frightening for students like me! Who lack creativity! Who all know in their life is to do calculations and enjoy numbers because yes like many others I am a finance student! But it became my biggest nightmare when I had to write a Law essay in my university!

What’s the story bro?

 Well the story begins when I had to write an essay on a Law topic which was assigned by my professor. On face, yes I was very pleased but in heart I was CALCULATING the time I had to spend on this essay which is going to cost me to stay away from my dear finance books (yeah I am finance addict). Anyways, I searched on how to write an essay and found some fabulous articles like one on Business Matters magazine, after getting some basic idea I started to write my essay and completed it by time.

Problem & Solution relationship:

The purpose of being with you all is to warn you about some major problems I have faced during my essay writing but luckily I got help from Law essay help, who helped me throughout my essay. So firstly I am going to discuss a problem and then will tell its solution so you can work error free!

Problem (Cause)Solution
The problem of failure!YES! It is the biggest problem one can face while thinking of writing even especially UK essays. That was my biggest fear which I faced during my essay writing! I was not sure about my concept and my idea! All the time I had doubts, that either am I relevant or not? If I am sounding appropriate or do I sound like a fool person? Was my thesis statement strong enough to convince my audience? I had this frightening dream throughout my course till end of the result!Get it Proofread! The best solution, which I came across, was when my roommate helped me. He was good in law, so he proofread all my stuff and recommended me corrections wherever I made huge blunders. Then I went to my professor with first draft of my essay and requested him to check it.  Luckily he approved my work and asked me to write final draft with few more things. So if you are writing an essay get it proofread by someone who you think will help you
Unclear vision! When you get an essay or any write up, what you get is unstructured thoughts and unclear vision. This was the most common problem I found in the survey of buy an essay UK. People encountered it as most frustrating because they lost the real focus in the end of their essay which causes them to re-write it! When one has no clear vision, he can take his reader nowhere. This can cause inattentive and unimpressed response from the reader.Sketch the structure first!Brainstorm your essay and write every new point which comes across your mind. This was one of the best tips which I found in blogs of professional essay service even you should read it too for getting expert tips of essay writing. When you are done with listing down the points, sketch a proper theme for your essay. Plan its beginning, mid and ending. It will help you in giving proper vision.
Rambling! According to top essay writing services UK, rambling occurs when one overemphasize on a point and write too much about it till he lost the real motif of the argument. This makes the reader bored and irritated when he doesn’t get the main point for which you have written three long paragraphs because too much of something is never a good idea!Don’t overemphasize!Give genuine statements that help your reader to understand your point. Don’t drag the point just for the sake of word limit; your reader will lose interest in you then. Do not over emphasize on a single point. Give your reader short and precise information that help him to understand your point clearly.
Writer’s block!Every writer faces this issue! When he actually doesn’t get any thought related to the essay stuff. And this occurs when one is tired, over emphasized over topic, personal issues or lack of research! I have seen people running for people asking them fanatically like someone writes my essay. I have discovered this attitude usually occurs when people go through writer’s block.Give yourself a break!Think or do something else then apart from essay itself. Ask people their random reviews about the topic. Jot down those reviews. Research about your topic by using different keywords, In this way you will get many different ideas related to your essay.
The deadliest deadline!DO NOT LEAVE YOUR ESSAY TILL THE END OF DEADLINE. This is the deadliest mistake one can do while writing an essay. As in this case, one will face all the above problems all together. That causes depression and high workload to the person.Start from the first minute!Start your essay structure when you get the topic. Think your idea, structure it and jot down main points that you want to share with your audience. Start your essay, when you think it’s far away from deadline. So in this way you will get mental relaxation and you will be able to produce well.

Jotting down the whole blog!

So, in end we get this scenario for our essay writing!

This scenario can help us in avoiding some major mistakes that we do while writing an essay. We can avoid these mistakes and can write a terrific essay regarding anything given to us.

The end says that “Essay writing is fun”!

So fellows! I hope this tips will work for you while your essay writing, essay writing is fun if one can avoid these major mistakes and focus on its structure and main idea. Although, I am not an essay lover but still I loved essay writing when I got these fabulous tips which worked for me like a mentor.

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