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  • For orders that are urgent (within 48 hours) and are more than 8 pages long, the company is not able to guarantee 100% satisfaction.
  • The agreement is perceived as finished after the payment has been completed and is confirmed to have been deposited into the company’s account.


We provide unique and plagiarism-free academic papers. The full copyright of the custom papers we deliver lies with the respective customers. The commercial use of our delivered essays, dissertations, research paper or any other educational script cannot be used for commercial purposes. The academic documents we provide to the customers are for their exclusive use and also for the non-commercial use. We do not allow anyone to transfer or make copies of the content that we share on this website and make accessible to you. We strongly denounce the copyright infringements. Be careful! We will take legal action against the devious individuals.

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At professional essay service, we believe in customer protection, and therefore make every possible effort to safeguard any information you share with us. To achieve this objective, we keep your provided information behind fully secured networks. We have incorporated the safest payment gateway for secure transaction processing. We work hard to keep our security standards intact. We truly understand the importance of your document. It is therefore that our writers pay individual attention to every order. We can assure that we will deliver the document as per the specifications you provide