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    Top 10 Journals To Get Your Business Article Published In 2019


    Whoa! I have written so much! So tired! Hello everyone what’s up guy! All good? Ought to be!  Anyways this is Christopher! I am a businessman or you may call an entrepreneur by profession! Well I am here today to share with you something I awe about and that is business writing! I love to write about business and love to read about it! That’s obvious isn’t it! I am here to share with you some of the outstanding journals which I love to read and eagerly want to write in them!

    Btw before you get into article writing just get your stats set! As you have to be very accurate about your numbers and interpretations if you want to get into article publication as editors want correct interpretations of the results for that you can check out this blog. Anyways the most beloved journals are:

    1. Academy of Management Journal:

    It is one of my favourite journals! It is published 6 times a year and comprises of empirical work related to the field of management. It builds strong grounds on management courses. As suggested by professional essay service these are the criteria for the article publication:

    • Article should be strong in empirical formulas that means should provide strong analysis of the topic.
    • Meaningful insights ought to be part of article.
    • The article should reflect relevant information on the topic.
    1. Journal of International Business Studies:

    Are you good in observing the international market? Do you have desire to be on top of people’s mind? Then this journal is your way to go! It is widely used by business genius to evaluate the latest trends of business markets. If you wish to write something spectacular on international topics; you can opt for this journal.

    1. Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice:

    Do you want to be the next entrepreneur? Do you have desire to learn all the tricks of successful entrepreneurs? Then grab a copy of this journal as soon as possible! It is one of the most influential journals in business market. As it train the new blood of business to work progressively! To read this journal is essential as you will get proper insights of what problems one face when they enter into the business market and what challenges could be given by competitor and how to sustain the top position in the market.

    1. Administrative Science Quarterly:

    Want your dissertation to be read by millions? This journal is your way for it! This journal caters new work in the field of business and organization. It is best known for the publication of best work in the field of organization work and ethics. The plus factor of this journal is that it publishes book reviews which help people in picking up the book they wish to read. If you want to understand organization theory! Be first to buy this journal!

    1. Journal of Business & Economic Statistics:

    Good with economics concepts? Great! I am not good in economics at all! But my understanding evolved when I got used to read articles of this journal! They really, really help you know. It caters with the empirical implication of macroeconomics, microeconomics, and business domains to the real life applications. If you want to get publish in this journal you need to be evil genius about methodology and results.

    1. Journal of Management:

    Are you expert in management studies? Do you have guts to prove your worth in the business market? This journal majorly emphasizes on strategies that are involved in business and decision making. If you have confidence in suggesting new strategies for business or you can review back any strategies. This is your chance to get proven in the market.

    1. Academy of Management Review:

    Are you strong in reviewing the current scenario of business practices? Do you thrive to change conventional management wisdom? If yes! Then you ought to try for this journal.  This journal specializes in reviewing the concepts presented by researchers in management domain. According to philosophy essay writing:

    “Management has strong connection with one’s mind as it inspires them to work in more organized way!”

    1. Accounting, Organizations and Society:

    Education essay writing ranks this journal to the best journal for article publications. It revolves around the relationship between human behaviour and accountancy concepts. The changing and evolving organizational structures; that affect the human behaviour is studied thoroughly in this journal. The way in which an enterprise operates the challenges and routine work is the main emphasis of this journal’s article.

    1. Review of Accounting Studies:

    Do you dare to experiment in the field of accounting? Yeah? Then here is your chance for an ultimate fame with impeccable work in this field. This journal actually refreshes the concept of accountancy and gives all kind of research including empirical, theoretical and experimental even.

    1. Journal of Business Ethics:

    Ethics is what today business man ponders about. This journal focuses on “jargon free communication” between different fields and domain of business and educates people about the ethics that need to be practiced in the businesses.

    Finally I am done!

    That was what I all gathered for you all. Now you know all about the best journals in business. But do you know how to write an article? Not yet? Do check this quick brief on article writing tips suitable for these journals publications.

    I hope this will help you in the article writing as it helped me a lot. But one major thing one should remember while writing anything is BE YOU! It will definitely help!

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