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    Top 7 Public Speaking Tips To Succeed At A Job Interview In 2019


    Yes, we’ve all been there. I’ve definitely had my share of epic stage fright moments where I froze in situations where I really couldn’t afford freezing. According to researches, public speaking is one of the greatest fears in the world. Some surveys have showed that people are more afraid of public speaking than they are of dying (yes.) And what makes it scarier is its importance in the professional world – it is a skill you must possess in order to succeed at anything in life. Having to speak in front of people can be nerve-wracking even for the most confident of us, so let’s try to prepare ourselves a little.

    1. Remember, it’s not extempore!

    You might think it’s good to wing it and see what you can come up with on the spot, but this is certainly no time to be testing that particular skill. It’s similar to looking for tips for writing an awesome essay online. Prepare before speaking according to your audience. Make sure you’re ready for anything they might ask, jot down all of the questions and topics that might come up and try to practice saying what you will in case one of them is asked. It’ll help give you confidence and not give off the impression that you’re too overconfident or unprofessional to prepare in advance.

    • Make a list of potential topics and questions that you may have to speak on
    • Do not rely too much on intuition

    2. Let’s not get too full of ourselves

    Confidence is great! Overconfidence isn’t. Try to explore your limits. Know them, so that you don’t find yourself in an embarrassing situation when faced with an audience full of expectations. Don’t brag too much and don’t talk about your achievements the whole time. All that will do is make you look stuck up and cocky, and no one likes a bragger. Bragging rights are only allotted during a certain time and at a certain place.

    • Ground yourself
    • Talk about your achievements in moderation

    3. Watch that body language

    Is it just me or do you sometimes not know where to put your hands when someone’s taking a picture of you? Well, this is like that, but different. Everything, from the way your stand to the way you move your hands while you talk is noticed by your audience. Now, don’t let this make you self-conscious. There are definitely ways to control this. Make sure you understand the appropriate body language according to different situations.

    • Read up on how to behave in what situation to understand the body language better
    • Don’t move around too much because it’s distracting
    • Try not to seem too casual

    4. The audience isn’t invisible

    I know we’ve all heard the whole “imagine the audience in their underwear” thing. Supposedly, it gives you more confidence, sort of an upper hand on them. But this does not mean you completely forget they’re there and ignore their existence. If you don’t acknowledge the presence of the people in front of you and don’t try to interact with them even a little bit, it will be very off-putting and they will most likely lose interest and you and what you have to say.

    • Try to get comfortable with your audience
    • Remember, you are not a politician giving a speech, which is what it will seem like if the audience feels invisible.

    5. Remember your formalities

    It is important to take note of a few things when speaking in front of a crowd. Remember to watch what you say and observe their reaction to it carefully. Make sure to address them in an appropriate manner, take special care of what your wear and how to present yourself, and read up on the formalities so you can apply them.

    • Watch what you say, do and wear
    • Take special care to follow basic etiquettes

    6. Keep on swimming!

    You might get stuck, but don’t let it show. More than three seconds of awkward silence will not only give a bad impression on the audience, it will also make you much less confident in yourself. A lot of the times when people are trying to think of something relevant to say but can’t do it, they back out and get off the stage due to self-consciousness and feeling defeated. Make a joke. Tell a story. Say something!

    • Prepare material in advance to go to if you run out of things to say
    • Try not to stay silent for more than a few seconds

    7. Um, try not to mention this

    We aren’t trying to get chased by an angry mob. Try to avoid controversial topics because your audience is diverse. You do not know all of them personally so be respectful of their potential triggers and steer clear of anything that may offend someone. You can try to read them through their behaviors and analyze the atmosphere in the room and make jokes accordingly, but being careful with your words is still very important, especially in professional settings. It’s like me making jokes about ordering your essay at online essay writing services in my English lit class.

    • Choose safe and respectful topics to talk about
    • Be careful when making jokes
    • Give disclaimers before saying something even slightly controversial

    About The Author

    Alexander Brown is a blog writer with a passion for singing. He started writing for his blog at the age of 16, about nine years ago, which now has over a hundred thousand readers. He writes mostly about music and how people can pursue new careers successfully. He also offers professional essay service help online.

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