How to Answer “To What Extent Essay” Question

Writing an essay or attending an examination are the most daunting tasks in a student’s life. The challenges don’t end here and think about that what extent essay which is necessary, but the real struggle begins when the students are asked to attend an examination based on the essays. This must be a nightmare for many students to work on the essay-based examinations as it is a mixture of both complexities.

However, a student’s life has never seen easy from any angle; a moment or later in being a student, you have to go through a couple of challenges that might be a big issue for you at that time. Whereas, if you put in your 100% to get over the hurdle, you will enter a world of less work and more success. So, this is how you must have been clear about the importance of attending all the problematic examinations.

Many students regularly visit different sites to get inspiration from the essay writers UK-based to make their argumentative essays work. The writers have the talent of giving out the best samples for the enhanced guide of the students, especially those experiencing it for the first time. There are multiple types of extended questions in an essay that aims to make your argument about the ideas of the essays and whether you support them or not?

There aren’t a few but different types of “to What Extent questions”, out of which a few common ones are;

  • To what extent
  • In favor or against
  • How does the writer
  • Compare and contrast
  • Close reference.

The most surprising thing about these questions is that they aren’t as tricky as the other examination questions, but these are elementary ones. If you have the requirement to write to what extent questions, read the post along.

Understanding the “To What Extent Questions”

If you are already very confused about attempting the examination based on essays, then be ready to welcome more difficulty In your life. It becomes challenging for the students to understand the purpose of “extent” in the questions of an essay. Scratching their heads, day and night, the students become too irritated about answering such questions. This is when an assignment writing service comes to rescue them with an impactful problem.

The word “degree” is often used in essay questions. At the same time, you don’t further have to be confused about them, as both the words serve the exact definition. In both the cases when you are being assigned such a question, it means that you are being asked to give out the reasoning and degree of the significance of the ideas that the essay is based on. in other words, we can say that the “to what extent” the question is to provide how influential the topic is.

Though, this isn’t as simple as it is being witnessed. When you will be asked how to answer the “to what extent ” question, this surely means that you need to sort out the things and factors as per the level of their important topic. After the sorting, you need to pick up the two most important factors that you will argue on and decide, supporting any one of them. Upon selecting the important and less important factors, you will lay them out in a way that out of the two factors, one is “to a greater degree” important while the other is “to a lesser extent” important.

Remember that you need to agree with the idea that is being proposed in the essay in either case. If you plan or think something against the idea, you will write a comparatively short essay, and the chances of failing in such an essay would also be increased. On the other hand, if you would always pop up with the answer as an agreement to the idea given, it will become easier for you to know the cause of the essay.

“To What Extent” Essay Writing

When exams are around the corner, you will see hundreds and thousands of students, similar to you, looking for help from the surroundings. This is when the students are lending on the service providers’ pages and asking very frequently how to answer “To what extent” questions. This is obvious since the students are piled up so much more on their end that they don’t get to focus on the essential details that their examinations might require from them.

These questions of the essay-based examination won’t appear once, but you will see them appearing multiple times in your assessment paper. This is because the supervisor wants to test your abilities. The chapter on assessment does not end here, but the examiner will also want to know your level of understanding and how far you have gone. Giving an “answer to what extent” will show the examiner how clear you are with the understanding of the topic and what expertise you can apply to showcase your own set of knowledge in this matter discussed throughout.

However, it is not easy as it is said; there are many considerable steps involved that will make you lead your way to the result. First, you need to use your expertise and invest some quality time searching for good “to what extent” essay examples that can be your inspiration to enhance your work. Even the question might seem easier at times but keep this in mind no matter what the question is; you need to dig in deep to fetch out the best knowledge for your essay question.

Whereas, if you have some real issues in dealing with the answer to your “to what extent” essay, you should consider not keeping yourself in trouble for long. You have the leverage of taking help from the team of support and other available resources present in your surroundings. It is mainly seen that students are lending help from any reliable essay writing services that have some samples and examples of similar essays; this could be the best help for you in this hour of need.

To What Extent Questions Examples

It is undeniable that you will feel helpless and lazy to start working on something new in front of you. However, the best way to get over it is to get help from the similar work samples present. The same case scenario is with essay-based examinations. They are tricky to handle, even for those going through such exams frequently. With this being said, it is witnessed that the students now usually opt for Cheap Essay Writing services by being smart enough and saving their time.

However, the list is mentioned below to give you an idea of what the “to what extent” question examples look like. The list is based on the IELTS examination examples that students from around the world are attempting. So this is enough for the authentication of the topics taken from the international IELTS exams.

  • The youth of today is becoming a successful part of the technology-driven organizations. Do you agree or disagree with the statement?
  • The public libraries are of no use with the existence of comp[uter based libraries. Is it true?
  • The decision-making powers change with the age group. How far do you accept the fact?

These are some examples of the “to what extent” questions that appear to be a part of the IELTS exams. Even this language-based international exam asks for the “to what extent” questions to look for how good a person is with the knowledge and understanding of the concept? However, these questions do not always have to be the part of IELTS examinations, but there are more particular types of academic exams that have the similar questions like;

  • Automobiles are great distractions for the students; to what extent do you agree with them?
  • Virtual learning has played a significant role during COVID-19 and even after that. To what degrees is the statement true?
  • The what extent did the ideology of Hitler take a rise to power in Germany in the early 30s.

These are examples of “to what extent”, which are usually a part of argumentative essays as the argumentative essay is based on arguments and debates around one idea or statement. So if you are required to write argumentative essays, you might get to witness such questions.

What to include in your Custom “To What Great Extent ” or “To Very small Extent” Essay.

Since you must have known the importance of “to what extent” questions, it is also essential for you to know the worth of proper formatting and structuring for a custom-made question. Although these questions are complex, there is no rocket science hidden behind the “to what extent” essay structure. Therefore, you can have a look over the series of structure that is to be used for the custom made essays.

The structure mentioned for the custom essay formats is for your ease of answering the essay-based questions without scratching your head any longer. However, this is not only the structure but a step-to-step guide on how to tackle the “to what extent” questions easily. So let’s quickly have a look over it.

1.      Introduction

As we all are well aware, the part of the introduction plays a vital role in the entire essay. Therefore, if the introduction of an essay is written carelessly or without the proper input of the efforts, it is evident that it will not be as effective as it should be.

Mainly talking about the argumentative essay or other examination based on essays, you need a clear and brief introduction. Every point stated should be to the point. Because every time, you won’t get the same examiner or supervisor to check your work. Every time you will get to taste a different dish. The examiner will closely examine your understanding of the “to what extent” question.

Moreover, when writing the introduction, you need to make sure that you agree with the statement of the essay example to some extent. This factor is significant to showcase in your passage.

2.      Body Paragrpah

To provide your thoughts stated in the questions, you will work on the body paragraphs section. Since you need to provide detailed evidence of the assumptions you have made in the question, s will be writing not a single but 2 or more paragraphs in this section. In the explanations you will be providing, you will let the reader know about the reasons behind choosing such ideas for the essay.

The work doesn’t end here, but you also need to prove how and why the statement is true about your mentioned question. Momentarily, you need to answer the question as a whole. This will help you support your argument and let the reader know about your knowledge.

3.      Linking Sentence

 This is where you will go through the points and highlight them that you have already shared in your body paragraphs. This is an essential step in writing an argumentative essay because you will speak about how the question cannot be entirely accurate as there are many other aspects of a single question.

4.      Ending Paragraphs

In this part of the essay, you will explain the genuine part of the question. Like the body paragraphs, you need to play your role in this part. It would help if you gave the reasoning of how and to what extent the statement isn’t true. However, you need to be very careful when writing this part, as you cannot completely go against the question or prove it wrong directly.

Whereas you can mention the alternatives you have or the weaknesses, you find in this question.


Now since you have reached the dead-end of the blog, you must understand how important is the “to what extent” essay structure. However, if you have been going through the phase where you think you will be witnessing a lot of argumentative essays or essay-based exams, you should keep all the points of “To what Extent” in consideration.

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    5 Ways Social Media Marketing Has Transformed Tourism Industry

    Since digital marketing or you can say social media marketing has now become one of the most common tools for marketers in the industry, they have been achieving desired goals and success in terms of a greater number of targeted audiences and increased profitability in business. Social media, being the most commonly used platform among all age groups, have a great potential to grow business and also accommodate a number of people with their needs and preferences.

    What has made students get their desired grades in their final year essays and thesis? No doubt that the help through social media or online college essay writing services has provided some of the high quality help to the students, it is with the help of the awareness and know-how to every emerging tool and technology that that students are able to get their desired goals.

    With the help of some custom essay writing help and expert help available on social forums, students are able to resolve their “do my essay for me UK” requests. The smooth and efficient guidance they get from the online essay help UK and the enhanced customer support systems on the websites is appreciable. Hence social media is one of the most effective platforms for every other business in the market.

    social media marketing tourism

    When it comes to tourism or travel industry, marketers look for forums where they can effectively and successfully promote their offers, new travel packages and satisfy customer’s needs in every possible way. Since every other person (whether a smartphone owner or not) have their accounts created on any of the social media forums in order to connect to their friends and relatives or look up a particular product or service for buying, business is using the platform in favor of their growth and expansion.

    In addition to attracting the number of clients on social media forums, travel marketers can use them in the number of other ways. Let us take a look at 5 ways social media has transformed the tourism industry.

    1. Enhanced Customer Support System

    What has appealed you on online writing companies when you have put forward your “do my essay for me” request to the search engines regarding your marketing or law essay? I am sure it is their enhanced customer support system that attracts you to them.

    Social media has always been an effective channel that ensures complete customer satisfaction and great service.  Responding to customer queries, helping them with their complaints, or providing information related to travel destinations or packages has become extremely easy with the help of social media. For the potential tourists who are looking for instant support at every step of their travel, they can avail the services from social forums where a particular travel company is active.

    In addition to offering the best customer care, social media also helps in humanizing your brand that results in more customer attraction and engagement. Listening to customer concerns and addressing those on social media there and then can help enhance customer experience and more profits in the travel industry.

    1. Increased Social Sharing

    Majority of the social media users love to share pictures and travel videos and experiences among their friends and other connection. There could be no other platform better than social media where tourists can share with such a large audience in one go.

    To help enhance customer attraction and engage more clients towards their business, travel agents conduct contests, surveys and other social activities that ensure that they are able to gain some credits in response to their customer’s activity. The marketers that are active on their respective social media channels can use the appealing shots captured by their customer that will attract the potential customers and also make the existing ones contended.

    1. Travel Research Simplified

     In today’s world, the majority of people make their travel plans and decide their future destinations based on online reviews and what their peers have experienced. Since most of the people like to share their experiences on online social forums, it has become extremely easy and convenient to search for potential locations and future destinations.

    Whether it is any social sharing site like Facebook or Instagram or it is any review site, potential tourists always looks up to online experiences feedback from their peer which helps them make travel decisions. Apart from the help obtained in searching any particular location, the tourist can also ask for further details and information related to that location easily on social forums.

    1. More Authentic Experiences

    Almost every individual believe on real experiences rather than the information supplied by a person who have not even visited the place. When people who have already visited any particular location share their experiences on social media, the potential tourists are more likely to get attracted and believe in their experiences, the pictures they have taken and the reviews they have shared. Even the marketers use those reviews to increase the credibility of their websites so that the can attract more potential clients.

    Gone are the days when travel industries used traditional ways of marketing, as with the help of digital marketing and more specifically social media marketing, travel industries are facing huge amount of success and greater profitability. With more and more customers being attracted to the travel packages and plans, marketers are also focusing on ways to grab the client’s attention through different social media tools.

    1. Easy To Reach Targeted Audience

    Another major feature that can help marketers to attract the target audience is the data analytics. By understanding the customer’s behavior, their likes and dislikes and what type of travel destinations they are interested in, the marketers can target their desired audience in the way they get attracted.

    Hence, using social media for promoting the tourism business is one of the most appropriate decisions by any marketer who want to gain effective and successful results in a limited time. Also, the features offered by multiple social media websites can add greatly to the expansion and growth of the tourism industry.

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      How Ai Is Transforming The Educational System

      With the advent of efficient technologies in multiple fields., it has become extremely convenient and efficient for both students and institutions to enhance their learning processes… How Ai is well transforming the educational system?

      From transforming the way students learn to enhancing the assessments criteria of students, technology has come a long way while revolutionizing the education system of society. How convenient it has become for students to reach out to professional essay services to buy an essay UK? Did they ever think that they could get such high-quality help from the top essay writing service in the UK? No doubt that services like these and many other advancements have greatly helped students in achieving their goals.

      When it comes to technological advancement taking place in the educational sector, AI is one of the most talked-about and successful technological innovations that has completely transformed the way students and teachers conduct their learning and teaching session. With bots and smart sensors automating the learning process and providing the learning experience that none could have ever imagined, students can not only take a keen interest in the learning process, they can also avail themselves of the personalized experience to accomplish their goals.

      From automated grading systems to personalized learning, AI has a lot to offer the educational system, let us talk about many other contributions AI is offering to modern-day students and teachers.

      Automated Assessments & Grading System

      Teachers often find grading and assessment testing as a tedious task. In order to help ease the process of grading, AI offers automation of test grading, assessment preparation, and examining those assessments. The huge amount of time teachers used to invest in grading their students can be significantly reduced and saved allowing the teachers to focus on individual professional development and students interactive sessions and individualized learning strategies.

      Grading automation has become efficient and accurate for multiple-choice questions, fill-in-the-blanks testing, and MCQs, while that time is not very far when teachers will be able to test and grade the writing part too. Hence, in addition to saving a lot of time and doing lengthy repetitive work, AI has greatly helped teachers to become more productive to focus on other useful teaching methods.

      Personalized Learning Experience

      Not all students learning pace is equal, not all of them absorb learning content quickly and not all of them adapt to new teaching changes.

      In order to cater to such types of students, artificial intelligence greatly helps organizations to implement personalized learning experiences. The bots and efficient software learn students learning and adaptability capabilities and then develop a system that suits best the learning requirements. Multiple adaptive learning programs, learning through games and videos, and gradually raising the learning standards from lower levels to higher ones are some of the ways AI promotes individualized learning.

      Adaptive learning or custom-tailored learning programs not only help students in taking part in classroom activities efficiently and collaboratively, but they also help teachers to take each student at their own pace while increasing the standard of education.

      Valuable Feedback Can Be Obtained

      In addition to assisting teachers and students to adapt courses as per their requirements and learning pace, AI also helps students and educators to get helpful feedback related to course success. The smart and intelligent AI system also helps teachers and professors to monitor students’ progress and even send alerts to professors about any issue with students’ progress.

      So, students suffering from any complexities in any particular subject can be highlighted with their weak area and even the suggestions to improve that area can be provided. Students can have valuable feedback regarding the area they have been succeeding or struggling with which in turn help them in choosing their majors for higher degree programs.

      Teachers Role Is Slightly Changed

      Do you think that teachers’ responsibilities are gradually lessening with technology integration? Well, it is true completely. Though teachers’ repetitive tasks are reducing with technology usage, their role is slightly shifting towards more productivity. With the help of using advanced technology like AI in the educational system, teachers can get rid of hectic and tedious tasks and engage themselves in personalized, individualized learning of students, course preparation, and professional development.

      Just like approaching top essay writing services in the UK help the students to acquire better grades in their assignments and essays which overcome their struggles with writing, AI also assists teachers in becoming more productive and efficient in their work.

      Skill Development

      There is a number of courses and topics that are difficult to teach and convey by teachers. With the help of using bots and sensors, those topics, lessons, and training can be easily delivered to students in an effective manner. Whether it is training medical students about surgical treatments or teaching armed forces students to perform their pieces of training, AI has greatly helped institutions to train their students professionally.

      AI Is Altering Human Interaction With Information

      When it comes to dealing with users’ data and information, AI helps efficiently in interacting with information so that it yields some helpful results. Students can experience multiple different types of research and critical analysis with the help of valuable information gathered through AI-based systems. Not only educational institutions, but even the business also make the most information gathered through AI systems.

      Hence, the above-discussed roles of AI in the education system and many others are working collaboratively to uplift the education standards so that more and more students can take interest in building their base. Not only students can benefit from the smart and effective technology, the teachers and institutions will also make the most of its features and carry out operations and processes more efficiently.

      Those students who are usually on the go can avail their learning sessions and take classes from anywhere anytime in the world. Thanks to the efficient technology that has offered great assistance to students as well as teachers in terms of efficient resources, convenient learning methods, and increased efficiency. All that is required is that institutions must encourage their students and teachers to make the most of AI and take benefit from its effective features.

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